Hi, I’m Karina and I’m a visually impaired actor, aerialist, belly dancer and vocal coach from Wales. I trained at Liverpool Hope University and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and also work as a voice and accent coach, an audio description consultant and I’m a qualified NLP practitioner.

Latest News

The Watermill Theatre – coming soon!

I am delighted to have been cast in a very exciting project at The Watermill Theatre later this year. More info on the show and how to book coming soon…

Extant Pathways

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the Directors and Writers Pathway courses with Extant. I am currently developing skills, experience and creating my own work. I also will be showcasing some of my writing with Extant at The Cockpit Theatre in June!

Extant logo, Bold purple lettering of the word EXTANT on a white background .

The Secretaries – Young Vic, Audio Description

I had a wonderful time working as an audio description consultant with the Young Vic Theatre for their production of ‘The Secretaries’. Find out more about the show here

Flying Fantastic – Audio Description

I have loved working with Flying Fantastic and providing audio description for a range of different projects. I worked with a new company and piece of circus for five weeks throughout April and May looking at accessibility and creative audio description. So excited to see where they all go next!

RIGA Circus Conference 2022

I had a great time at the Riga International Circus Conference. I was invited to Latvia to deliver a talk on audio description in Circus and the live arts, a highly rewarding experience!


I loved getting to discuss accessible work and sharing ideas!

Macbeth – Leeds Playhouse 2022

I’m so proud of ‘Macbeth’ at the Leeds Playhouse. The production has BSL and audio description built into the show itself and has been receiving great reviews. I’m really enjoying the show so come and catch us if you can, playing until 19th March.

Watch the production trailer of Macbeth
Leeds Playhouse – Macbeth Dress Rehearsal featuring Karina as a witch 26/02/2022 Photographer – Kirsten McTernan
The cast of Macbeth at the the Leeds Playhouse.

I am delighted to be joining the cast of Macbeth with Leeds Playhouse. We are currently in rehearsals and I will be playing the role of Witch/Gentlewoman from February 26th- March 19th

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!

I have so enjoyed creating and performing my new aerial piece directed by Edward Lee Swift and choreographed by Megan Price.

Aerial Photoshoot

I am delighted to share my latest aerial shoot with the fabulous KEP Photo. Check out the full album on my Aerialist page.

Curtain Up!

Performing with Theatre Clwyd in Curtain Up! August 2021

Photo by Brian Roberts. Karina pictured on stage wearing a grey shirt, hooped earring and has her blonde hair in a pony tail. She is linking arms with a man in a shirt and tie. Karina is holding her hand up to her chest and is looking at the man with a cheeky grin.
Curtain Up Poster. Red stage curtains with a sign at the top saying ‘Curtain Up’. The letters of the sign are gold with bright light bulbs inside. Underneath the sign there is a man knelt on the floor pulling up the curtain to have a look. He is wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans and we can just see the back of his head as the rest is looking under the curtain.
Photo by Brian Roberts. Karina is on stage wearing a grey shirt, grey knitted cardigan and blue jeans. She is clutching her hands together at her stomach and has a concerned look on her face.

It was great to get back to the theatre and perform with Theatre Clwyd this summer. I played three different roles in three short plays directed by Tamara Harvey.

New Voice reel!

Listen now to my new commercial voice reel created with Reel Recordings

Cartoon image of headphones next to a blue box with the text Listen Now. Click below to play.

Portrait and Landscape

Vertical Dance Bursary with Kate Lawrence

Portrait and Landscape Logo. The words ‘Portrait and Landscape’ are written in bold letters against a white background. Inside the letters are snippets of images. In the letters of ‘Portrait’ we see vivid green grass, green trees and a clear blue sky. The rest of the letters show photographs of various images such as a dancer in a red dress, performers on harnesses, some upside down, and neon lights.

I am very excited to receive a bursary to work with Kate Lawrence Vertical Dance on their ‘Portrait and Landscape’ programme. I will be exploring the art form of vertical dance to enhance and further my aerial practise. I look forward to these bi-monthly events with a variety of exciting practitioners.

Wise Children Theatre Company

Writing for Live Performance Course

I was thrilled to be selected for the ‘Writing for Live Performance’ Course with Wise Children. I will work with Joel Horwood and Yolanda Mercy on this two week course in March to continue to develop my script writing skills and develop a new idea. Can’t wait!

Extant Pathways

Pathways Writers Course 2021

I am really enjoying being on the Extant Pathways Writing Course. Extant run artist development programmes for blind and visually impaired artists and I am using this course to work on my script writing skills to create my own work later this year. You can learn more about Extant and Pathways here

Jerwood Arts Announcement

Live Work Fund Awardee 2021

I am absolutely delighted to be received the Jerwood Arts Live Work Fund Award 2021. This grant will support my aerial practise allowing me to develop new skills and new work. It also enables me to carry out research into creative audio description for physical art such as circus and aerial work.

Live Work Fund Logo in bold white lettering, featured on top of an image of women wearing Orange sports kits doing the butterfly stretch on the floor.

Find out more about the Live Work Fund here

Talking Bodies

Writing commission with Hot Coals Productions

I was delighted to be commissioned by Hot Coals Productions to develop a short film script I was shortlisted as a writer for the development stage of their ‘Talking Bodies’ project and my first short film ‘Blind Date’. This was filmed, performed by Amy Forrest and we had an online sharing in February 2021. I am looking forward to developing this script further and seeing where it goes next. Watch this space!

Unlimited Micro Commission

My new performance ‘Aerial Sicilienne’

In the lockdown of 2020 I was commissioned by Unlimited Arts to create an audio described aerial piece. I have been training on my garden aerial rig over Zoom and I’m delighted to share my finished digital performance with you. Please enjoy AERIAL SICILIENNE

Aerial Sicilienne – My lockdown aerial performance!

Vocal Coaching

Bomb Happy Audio Play by Everwitch Theatre

I have enjoyed keeping busy with my vocal coaching in 2020. One really exciting project I was involved in is the very moving Audio Play ‘Bomb Happy’ by Everwitch Theatre. The trailer is below. To listen to the whole play and for more info on my voice coaching please check out my Vocal Coaching page.

Making RSC History!

Playing my understudy role of Jaques…

Karina Jones In The Stage, March 2020

I have recently finished being part of the rep company for the Royal Shakespeare Company. I started working with the RSC in 2018 and have been performing in ‘As You Like It’ and ‘Measure for Measure’ since then. We played a season in Stratford-Upon-Avon, The Lowry, Salford, The Barbican Theatre, London and then a UK tour. I finished the tour playing my Understudy role of Jaques in ‘As You Like It’, being the first visually impaired actor to go on as an Understudy for the Royal Shakespeare Company! You can read more about it in The Stage 

Please see my Gallery for production photos

In rehearsals with the RSC, November 2018

More RSC News

Hear my recent interview with BBC Radio 4 about my work with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Listen here  

Interview with BBC Radio 4 July 2019
RSC Rep company

RSC Rep Company- Delighted to announce that I am part of the RSC’s rep company 2019/2020. I am currently performing As You Like It and Measure for Measure in Stratford-upon-Avon. Following the season in Stratford we will  perform at The Lowry, Salford and The Barbican, London before embarking on a UK tour in 2020! See the website below for dates and how to buy tickets…

Votes for Women

I’ve been nominated!

I have been nominated for the Votes for Women celebration by Shaun Prendergast. Incredibly grateful to be nominated alongside a whole list of fantastic women! Check out out the post here- 

Clore Fellowship

Becoming a leader of Theatre

I have been selected for The Clore Fellowship 2018/2019! I am one of twenty four fellow selected and will be working to become a leader of Theatre with the Arts Council. I am delighted to become a fellow and for the exciting year ahead. To read all about it please visit – https://www.cloreleadership.org/who-are-the-clore-15.aspx

Clore Fellows 2018 at the September Residental Course

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